Quotes from our Donors

Would you recommend an AFA CGA to a friend or family member? Why or why not?

"Yes, it's an excellent way to make monetary wishes happen in our lifetime, it provides income for life which doesn't change. Our money is helping to do the Lord's work and we trust AFA with it." - Susan

"Yes, it's a wonderful way to support an organization you believe in and have a source of dependable income too." - Francis

"AFA is doing a great job of informing us of world conditions because we have fallen away from doing God's way." - Wanda

"Yes, I would recommend a CGA because of my relationship with your Foundation and your attention to detail." - Joanne

"Lifetime income and a Godly organization is helped to spread the Gospel." - Brenda

"Yes, it is a trustworthy organization, managed wisely by those who are spiritually dependent on God for direction in financial matters." - Beverly

"Yes, AFA looks out for families and does a good job of keeping us informed of the present issues as how they relate to Christianity and how we, as believers can get involved." - Diana

Why did you choose to establish a CGA with the AFA Foundation?

"I very much want to see God's word continue into the next generation. This is a way I can help spread the truth and take a Biblical stand." -Peggy

"I chose to have a CGA because you seem honest over the years in your business and finances." - Mitzy

"I have learned that I can trust AFA and I wanted to share in the work for the Kingdom of God." - Marilyn

"I believe in what AFA stands for." - Eileen

"At the time I had some extra money above my tithe and wanted to see how that money could keep on giving." - Debra

Has your experience with the Foundation left a memorable impact? If so, how?

"We loved your personal visit! Come again when you can." - Wiley

"Yes, Diane was so helpful in answering any questions I had. I am very thankful I was led to give." - Jan

"The process was simple, appropriate and it helps sustain a ministry we love." - Stephen

"I am so pleased to be associated and invested in such an upright, ethical and Godly Foundation." - Barbara

"Their word is true, very friendly and follow up was great." - Bernie

"Dealing with Christian family is rewarding and pleasant. I know I can trust them and go back to them for assistance confident that I will receive faithful attention and cooperation." -Anna

"I wasn't expecting the occasional reminders of my part in AFA through my CGA." - Robert

"I know that after I am gone AFA will continue the fight for Christian values. The only thing a person has left is their name and to be able to pass on a legacy." - Michael

"You have always been gracious and helpful. The funds arrive on schedule as promised." - Jackie

"I go to AFR for my accurate news and financial advice." - Barbara

"Yes, we would consider adding another CGA in the future." - Steven

Other comments

"We have learned if we want the truth, turn to AFA. Other media has failed the American people." - Wanda

"I believe your staff does a faithful job currently! Your good reputation was why I wanted to be involved in the first place and I am pleased now." - Joanne

"You guys provided my wife and I with great service and benefits." - James

"Your person to person approach, courtesy and willingness to listen are of great help to me." -Anna