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    Donor Stories

    • Steven's Story
      Steven's Story
      I became a donor to American Family Association because of its willingness to address extremely important issues occurring...
    • Duane's Story
      Duane's Story
      I had become acquainted with AFA while living near Nixa, Missouri., where I was able to pick up the radio station out of...
    • Margaret's Story
      Margaret's Story
      What does a charitable gift annuity mean to me? Well, it means two...
    • Maxine's Story
      Maxine's Story
      The first time I found American Family Radio on my dial, I knew this organization would be a great blessing to me. The news...
    • Roueche's Story
      Roueche's Story
      I am an active mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I attend church and Bible study regularly, volunteer my time visiting hospitals and skilled care homes, work in...
    • Lydia's Story
      Lydia's Story
      My walk of faith began when I was seven years old. I learned about the Lord as a child but walked my own way for a time. Finally, at the age of 42, I gave my heart and...
    • Myrtle's Story
      Myrtle's Story
      I am an active grandmother of two. I love to read and work in my yard. My love for people motives me to volunteer for a local hospice program, visit shut-ins, and serve...
    • Marilyn's Story
      Marilyn's Story
      Years ago, when I was raising my family, I could pick up a Christian radio station out of Muskegon, Michigan, and heard many wonderful programs from men such as...
    • Lucy's Story
      Lucy's Story
      I am so thankful for the AFA Foundation. I have invested in this foundation because I want my money to support AFR when my body dies and I go to live with Jesus...